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Chippewa Creek Golf at Mount Hope


We Have Sold Out of Memberhsips for the 2021 Golf Season.

As a semi-private golf club, Chippewa Creek Golf Course creates a friendly atmosphere the welcomes members, guests and the public to our rural course.

The club offers differentmemberships, including: 7-Day or 5-Day Memberships for singles and couples. We also offer a 9-hole Membership, Family Membership & Junior Membership.  If you have any questions or have ideas for a custom made membership then please get in touch. Please email for more information. To download the membership application click here ChippewaCGCMemberRegistrationForm_(1).pdf
2021 Membership Rates
We Have Sold Out of Memberhsips for the 2021 Golf Season.
Thank you for your interest we hope to see you out on the course this season.
7-day Membership (full privileges). 5-day Membership (Monday Ė Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays after 3pm).
Membership Category2021 Rates
(Including HST)
7-day Single
7-day Couple
5-day Single
5-day Couple
5-day {9 Holes Only}
9 holes maximum per day.
5-day Family
2 adults, 2 children under 18 yrs of age  
5-day Junior
Under 18 yrs 
Unlimited Single Power Cart Rider