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Chippewa Creek Golf Course
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Chippewa Creek Goilf Course

Chippewa Creek GC: Practice Facility

Practice Facilities

Driving Range
The elevated grass tee decks on the driving range with a wide array of the well marked target greens and yardage markings to practice your accuracy and distance control or just let it rip with your driver and try to hit the fence almost 300 yards straight away!

Short Game Area
Located just off the right side of the driving range tee deck is a wedge and chipping practice area. Great for practicing your wedge game from inside of 50 yards, bump and runs, high flops or bunker shots. Improve your feel and finesse shots here!

Practice Facilities

Our large Practice Putting Green with multiple hole locations and various slopes will help you simulate any situation that you might encounter on the course. The perfect place to hone your putting skills before stepping onto the first tee!