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Chippewa Creek Golf Course
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Chippewa Creek Goilf Course

Chippewa Creek Golf Course

White Hawk 9

With back to back par fives and longer par threes, you will want to brush up on your fairway woods and long irons! And, with water coming into play on four holes, accuracy is a must! Over the past few years, several of the ponds have been expanded Ė providing more water for irrigation, a larger playground for the local fish population, and a bigger depository for wayward golf balls!
Gold Eagle 9

The most recent of the nines, the Golds are also the most often requested on account of the natural beauty and diversity of the design. With fairways surrounded by mounds or cut through mixed forest, errant tee shots will result in some challenging lies. Compared to the other nines, the greens here are slightly larger and more receptive Ė but watch out for potentially tricky pin placements!

The original nine holes at Chippewa, the Reds are often cited as the most forgiving of the three nines. But donít let the wide fairways and straight forward appearance lull you into complacency Ė the smaller greens on this nine require a fair degree of accuracy on your approach if you intend on scoring well. In recent years, new bunkers have been built and the fescue allowed to grow to add new challenges to the course.