COVID-19-Chippewa Creek Golf at Mount Hope

Chippewa Creek Golf at Mount Hope


Please DO NOT come to Chippewa if you...
1. Have atleast one of the following symptoms (fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, decrease or loss of taste or smell, unexplained muscle aches, tiredness, pink eye, unexplained headache, digestive issues, runny or stuffy nose)
2. Have been in close contact with someone who was sick with Covid-19 symptoms or who has tested positive in the past 14 days
3. Have travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days.
Please complete the self screening at

Show your green check mark on your phone to the pro shop attendant or greeter in the parking lot.

Mask is required in and around the clubhouse!
Please do not arrive more than 20 minutes before your tee off time.
In compliance with a bylaw passed by the city of Hamilton, it is now
mandatory to wear a mask/face covering within the clubhouse at Chippewa Creek = even when entering to use the washroom facilities. If required, a disposable mask can be purchased at the golf registration or kitchen transaction windows.

Under the present COVID-19 circumstances, our top priority is still focused on the safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff. Here is an overview of some of the ways we are addressing that:

Apart from access to our washroom facilities, the clubhouse will remain closed to customers. Registration for golf is being handled via a walk-up window from our outside deck and kitchen orders are processed at a separate window near the entrance to our foyer. To enjoy food and beverages following golf, our front lawn has been set up for controlled access with strategically placed tables and chairs.

For all purchase transactions, we are requesting the use of credit or debit cards, ideally with touchless capabilities.

Chippewa Creek staff will ensure the cleanliness of our facilities, practicing the best hygiene methods to prevent the spread of the virus. Benches, rakes, ball washers, and portable toilets have been removed from the course to eliminate touchpoints. Holes have also been modified so there is no need to touch the flag or reach into the bottom of the cup to retrieve your ball.

Power carts are cleaned and sanitized after each use and some are now equipped with an approved plastic shield to separate the rider and the driver. If two golfers are cohabiting, or advise that they are in the same established social circle, they are allowed to share a cart without a shield. Otherwise, If carts with shields are not available, there is a restriction of one rider per cart. If there is a walker in the group, his or her golf bag can be carried on the back of a single-rider cart. To help ensure an adequate supply of carts for use throughout the day, we are striving to maintain a two-cart maximum per tee time.

We ask that you plan your arrival at the course to be able to register for golf 15 minutes before your scheduled tee time. To avoid over-crowding, arriving golfers must refrain from proceeding to the clubhouse area too early. Please follow the directional signs and the information posted around the clubhouse, and remember to maintain two-meter physical distancing at all times.